De Dietrich Process Systems and Alysophil: Pioneers of the Future of Continuous Flow Chemistry

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De Dietrich Process Systems, a global leader in the manufacturing of process equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and plant-based chemistry industries, takes a significant step towards innovation by announcing an investment in Alysophil, a company specializing in AI-assisted continuous flow chemistry. This investment marks an ambitious decision to explore new technological opportunities and strengthen their respective expertise in the field of chemical production.

"With our Business Unit Pharma & Green Solutions, we aim to contribute strongly to reindustrialization in France, Europe, and the USA with local, frugal, and safe chemical production, closely aligned with the needs, particularly in the fields of medicine, cosmetic ingredients, bio-based products, etc. We share this ambition with Alysophil, and we are very pleased to combine our expertise in this regard, starting now." - Frédéric Guichard, Director of Business Development at De Dietrich Process Systems

"Alysophil's ambition, since its inception in 2018, has been to offer new solutions for molecule development and production using continuous flow chemistry and AI technologies. In order to provide an industrial tool called Chempocket, we needed to find a partner who complements our skills and shares the same vision. De Dietrich Process Systems fits that profile. This alliance means a lot to the entire Alysophil team, and we look forward to what we can achieve together." - Philippe Robin, CEO of Alysophil 



Continuous flow chemistry is an innovative approach to chemical production that differs from traditional batch production methods based on the use of enamel or alloy reactors. This technology offers a range of undeniable advantages that are increasingly attractive to companies seeking efficiency and competitiveness.

Notable advantages include:

  1. Increased Productivity: Continuous production allows for higher throughput, reducing reaction times and increasing overall production.

  2. Risk Reduction: Continuous production minimizes manual handling and transfers between stages, thus reducing the risk of contamination and operational errors.

  3. Ease of Implementation: Continuous flow chemistry enables better process automation, making production more reproducible and less dependent on human intervention.

In addition to these advantages, Alysophil stands out from the competition with an entirely innovative approach. Alysophil combines continuous flow chemistry with artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D-printed reactor manufacturing, revolutionizing chemical synthesis. This technological convergence optimizes chemical reactions in real-time through AI while customizing reactors through 3D printing.

AI continuously analyzes reaction data, adjusts parameters in real-time, and anticipates potential complications, improving the efficiency and safety of chemical processes. Simultaneously, 3D printing allows for the creation of tailor-made reactors adapted to the specific needs of each chemical reaction.

This synergy between continuous flow chemistry, AI, and 3D printing opens up new possibilities for research and the chemical industry, enabling significant advancements in drug discovery, advanced materials production, and various other fields. It represents a concrete example of the positive impact of technology on modern chemistry.



By investing in Alysophil, De Dietrich Process Systems demonstrates its commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation in continuous flow chemistry. This alliance will allow both companies to combine their skills and expertise to offer increasingly high-performance solutions tailored to the specific needs of their customers.

The Alysophil teams, recognized for their expertise in continuous flow chemistry, will inject new energy into the De Dietrich Process Systems group. The synergies created between the two entities will pave the way for new horizons and opportunities in uncharted markets.



Thanks to this collaboration, De Dietrich Process Systems positions itself as a major player in the future of continuous flow chemistry. Future projects will now be able to incorporate the innovative technologies developed by Alysophil, thereby providing customers with an expanded range of solutions.

The group intends to continue its commitment to innovation and the search for high-performance solutions for its customers. It also plans to seize new growth opportunities and continue to address the changing challenges of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.