Help a School and Children in Need

James_Monroe_School_fireJames Monroe Elementary School in Edison, NJ was consumed by a fire Saturday evening. The wife of a DDPS employee teaches at the school so this disaster affects us on a personal level.

While the town has taken quick initiative and made short term arrangements in finding a temporary facility to house the 500+ students and faculty, this devastating event and the displacement it has caused has taken an emotional toll on everyone involved. (For more information visit

A Monroe teacher and principal have taken the initiative to begin replacing the children's books that were lost in the fire. Stephanie Fay Cardoso, a teacher in the Edison school district, along with Monroe Principal Lynda Zapoticzny, put together a list of immediate needs which includes an extensive list of children's books which can be found on

The majority of books listed are inexpensive, starting at a few dollars each, and would go a long way towards helping out a school and community in need.

In addition to our corporate donation, we urge each and every one to contribute in any way you can. Every book, every school supply that is purchased, however little or big can help bring them one step closer to rebuilding their school and creating a positive learning environment for all the children affected by this tragedy.