Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

Everyone around the country has been following the news coverage of Hurricane Harvey and has seen the devastation it has brought to the South Texas and Houston areas.  Many of you are aware that De Dietrich Process Systems has a manufacturing plant in Corpus Christi.  We boarded up the plant on Thursday of last week and many of our employees evacuated from the Corpus Christi area in advance of the storm. 

We have managed to contact almost all of our employees and are happy that thus far there have been no reports of any significant injuries or property loss, although about half remain without power at this time.  While there continues to be some severe weather in the area, many have been able to return and have found no significant damage so far to our facility.  However, the plant will remain closed through tomorrow (Tuesday, 8/29).  We will reopen on Wednesday (8/30) and anticipate resuming our normal activities on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Unfortunately, there are millions of people in Texas who are being affected by the catastrophic flooding, including one employee and many customers.   Our thoughts are with these people as they go through this difficult time, and we are committed to helping people in the area put their lives back together.  We urge everyone who can to help support rescue and relief efforts.  There are a number of excellent organizations in the area who are working tirelessly to help those who have been affected by Harvey, and we are sure that they would appreciate whatever support you can offer.

American Red Cross 

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Houston Flood Relief Fund 


All Hands

Houston Food Bank

Food Bank of Corpus Christi