New Portable Dosing and Vacuum Carts

DDPS has added vacuum and dosing carts to our range of peripheral equipment available for reactors and systems:

Dosing_cart Vacuum_cart
  • The dosing cart can be used to pump process liquids into a reactor or process vessel in a controlled fashion. It features a high accuracy flow meter that enables metered pumping.
  • The vacuum cart can be used to accurately control the vacuum level in a reactor or process vessel.  It can hold a pressure set-point with precision and repeatability.  

Both types of carts are portable, compact and light-weight, making it easy for transport and storage.  They can be rated for a classified hazardous area and combined with a control system to allow for remote operation.   Consult our data sheets, DDPS Dosing Cart and DDPS Vacuum Cart that provide additional information on design features, components, process connections and available options.  You can also contact us online or call 908-317-2585 for more information.