QVF Introduces SUPRA-Line Component System

QVF S pipeIn response to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry’s demand for a more unified flange system, QVF has developed SUPRA-Line.

SUPRA-Line is a new borosilicate glass pipeline and components system that provides universal compatibility, enabling the use of WPR2002, KF SCHOTT and various other flange system components to work together.

The development of SUPRA-Line provides customers with an optimized product line.  The nominal size range up to DN300 is based on the proven KF and WPR2002 component systems.  The flange with shoulder cone design has been discontinued, drastically reducing the variety of technically equivalent components while increasing compatibility. The addition of a patent pending spring element offers the benefits of safer operation.  In the nominal size range DN450-1000, the QVF® SUPRA-Line is identical to the WPR2002 System.

QVF SUPRA-Line Advantages

  • Simplicity – the new SUPRA-Line catalog is your single source for all pipeline and components.
  • Easier planning and stock holding - a compatible system means time-saving, minimized stock space, and a simplified numbering system.
  • Long-term guarantee - reliable supplier with long history in product development and manufacturing.
  • More efficient product classification - reliably planned spare parts stock enables reliable delivery times.
  • Less amount of components – reduced requirements for spare parts, less costly procurement, high availability, simplified maintenance planning
  • Simplified grounding – time-saving, no need forskilled personnel

Visit our QVF SUPRA-Line page to find out more and download the catalog.