RoLab Filter Available for Rental

RoLabThe versatile 0.2 m² Hastelloy Rolab is now available to rent.  Ideal for use in laboratories and pilot-plants, this filter efficiently performs filtration and drying trials as well as reliable scale-up testing.

The RoLab can also be integrated in normal manufacturing processes for the production of small batches of active ingredients or intermediates, including:

  • Filtration under pressure
  • Smoothing of the filter cake
  • Displacement washing
  • Reslurry washing
  • Drying
  • Discharge of the dried product
  • WIP-Cleaning

The mobility of the unit enables fast and frequent product changes and cost-effective testing, all of which can be accomplished under cGMP and FDA guidelines.  Minimal electronic functions and the absence of a hydraulic system make the installation fast and easy.  Only compressed-air, electricity, and heating/cooling supply lines need to be connected.

Rental Unit Specifications

Size:  0.2m² ROLAB

Material of Construction:  Hastelloy C-22

Year of Manufacture:  2006

Vessel Diameter:  538 mm (21.18”)

Cake Volume (Max):  68 Liters

Slurry Volume (Max):  189 Liters

RoLab offers an excellent cost/performance ratio, versatile application possibilities and high user comfort.  Contact us for price, lead time and availability.