Agitation Simulations for Reactors

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De Dietrich Process Systems can customize your agitation system to optimize your reaction process. Our exclusive software allows for a complete simulation of an existing agitation system and a thorough comparison with several alternative systems, which will:

  • Improve yield
  • Maximize product quality
  • Increase heat transfer
  • Reduce batch time
  • Control crystal growth
  • Refine process flexibility
  • Other agitation improvements required moz-screenshot-7


DDPS can provide you with full color, time-based, axial flow diagrams; horsepower draw; overall and circulation flow rates; blend or turnover times; average axial velocities; average, maximum and wall tangential velocities; shear rates for the agitator and baffle; vortex depths; and more. But most importantly, we will come to you, with the software in hand, allowing you to change and modify the simulated agitation system to meet your exact needs.  See how changing the following parameters will affect your process:


  • RPM
  • Blade: Span, Angle
  • Blade Design: Flat turbine, Hydrofoil, Breaker bar, etc.(see Agitator Comparison Chart)
  • Tiers: Number, Location


  • Size (length and width)
  • Number
  • Location
  • Design: BeaverTail™, OptiMix, without baffles


DDPS can optimize your agitation system for the following processes:

  • Suspension
  • Dissolution
  • Extraction
  • Dispersion
  • Emulsion


Agitation Questionnaire