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De Dietrich Process Systems has the capability to provide a system of equipment based around one or more of our core technologies: glass-lined reactors and other glass-lined components, filter-dryers, and glass reactors and components.  These core products are integrated with process utilities, instrumentation, electricity, automation and other peripheral equipment to create a customized process solution. Our wide range of engineering expertise (process, mechanical, controls, etc.) enables us to efficiently manage a project from start to finish.  We've developed a comprehensive approach to our engineering services that combines operational performance with cost optimization, allowing projects of any scope - from small reactor systems to kilo labs and pilot plants to process systems - to be completed on time, in adherence to customized process specifications, and within budget constraints.

Advantages of DDPS Engineering Services

Engineering Services Project Life Cycle

Advantages of DDPS Engineering Services

De Dietrich Process Systems offers a single source solution that is designed to complement your own resources.  We provide the design, engineering, and construction of process systems to meet your specific application requirements. Our objective is to make it easy for you to complete your systems order with us, using a minimum of your own resources and without sacrificing equipment quality – all within the constraints of your budget.  Advantages of DDPS engineering services include:


  • Complex equipment modules designed and built to fit space, budget and time constraints
  • Shorter overall project times due to faster installation and start-up
  • Skid-mounted systems can be easily moved – providing future portability

Innovative 3D Modeling Software

  • Improves design process
  • Enables early detection and correction of equipment conflicts
  • Ensures all parts fit into constraining envelopes without undermining the ergonomics of operation and maintenance

One Stop Shop

  • DDPS will procure externally sourced equipment that is designed, specified and purchased for each specific application, ensuring seamless integration of ancillary equipment to complete the system
  • Comprehensive service reduces customers' internal project management requirements
  • Turn key system from DDPS provides substantial time savings over conventional "stand alone" equipment validation

Single Point Contact

  • Designated project manager coordinates all project activities
  • Regular updates provided on project status

Quality Equipment Assurance

  • All equipment pre-assembled in the U.S.
  • Pre-shipment Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) performed
  • User manual (drawings, spare parts list and specifications)
  • Qualification tests include FAT, SAT, which provide a fair % of material for DQ, IQ, and OQ

Superior Service

  • DDPS team manages installation and start-up with life-cycle follow-up and maintenance visits Process documentation is presented in a single, easy-to-follow format
  • Long-term preventative maintenance services provided through global DDPS service network

Better Technical Solutions

  • Maximize equipment life and productivity
  • Achieve the greatest possible return on capital investment

Fast-Start Economies

  • Reduced time from project initiation to system start-up
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Engineered System Project Life Cycle

moz-screenshot-26DDPS takes a very structured approach in designing and commissioning an engineered system, providing a concise project execution plan along with continuous customer communication to ensure particular process requirements are taken into account.  

Basic Engineering

  • Mass and energy balances
  • Experiments in the QVF pilot plant facility
  • Process flow diagram (PFD)
  • Rough layout of the plant – apparatus and pump specification

Detail Engineering

  • P&ID
  • 3D General arrangement drawing
  • Isometric drawing
  • Shop drawings
  • Valve specification
  • E&I Specification


  • Inquiry
  • Awarding
  • Project controlling
  • Acceptance


  • Construction management
  • Scheduling
  • Interface management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Acceptance coordination (Factory Acceptance Test –FAT)
  • Installation


  • Loop check
  • Test run with water
  • Commissioning
  • Performance test (Site Acceptance Test – SAT)

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