Single Stage Anti-Pollution
Vacuum System


Product Description

The Single Stage Anti-Pollution Vacuum System is a pre-engineered unit that combines vacuum generation and solvent recovery through condensation in a closed circuit system. This advanced system uses a liquid ring vacuum pump and subsequent cooler.


Ideally suited for vacuum filtration and drying, the Single Stage Anti-Pollution Vacuum System technique offers superior performance in a wide variety of wet chemical processes including vacuum distillation, evaporation, crystallization, mixing and reactions where both single and multiple solvents are used.


The liquid-ring pump is central to this vacuum system design. It generates superior levels of vacuum and pressure. The process adapted temperature control feature creates a more reliable pump operation and makes solvent recovery significantly more efficient. This pump is also designed to operate as a compressor at maximum efficiency - up to 3 bar absolute. Designed to handle many applications in one unit, the ring liquid cooler handles many solvents, always free of contamination. Designed for maximum contact and cooling, the falling film cooler results in high solvent recovery rates and exceptionally low exhaust gas solvent loads.


Our Single Stage Anti-Pollution Vacuum System can handle substantial amounts of particles, solids and liquids in the incoming vapor stream without fouling. No waste water or waste oil is produced and no additional controls are necessary. The system operates quietly and without operator intervention.

The skid-mounted package is easy to install and offers low maintenance and cost-effective operation and the superior technology allows for the recovery and reuse of clean solvent with minimum air emissions and zero waste water. The system eliminates oil contamination, high condensate discharge and other environmental inefficiencies and is in full compliance with VOC regulations.

Using a pH adjusted caustic soda or similar liquid as the ring liquid neutralizes corrosive and toxic vapors in the system. A static mixer added upstream of the liquid ring pump allows for high scrubbing efficiency.


  • Design temperature -20ºF (-30ºC) to 248ºF (120ºC)
  • Design pressure full vacuum to 60 psig (4 bar)


  • Exhaust gas cooler
  • Gas ejector
  • Pre-condensers
  • Demisters
  • Special exhaust condensers
  • Dual-pump systems
  • PLC control
  • Instrumentation

Multi-Stage Anti-Pollution
Vacuum System

The Multi-Stage Anti-Pollution Vacuum System Blower and Integrated Gas Ejector is designed for vacuum to 1mm Hg absolute and better. This system is a highly efficient serial arrangement of roots blowers, gas ejector and liquid-ring vacuum pumps. It assures completely oil-free compression and evacuates gases and vapors at the lowest possible suction pressure. Standard units feature closed ring liquid circuits for process vapor condensation. This environment friendly system effectively recovers solvent and eliminates cooling media contamination.



The Compovac Gas Recirculation System is designed to handle the gas requirements of filtration and drying in a Nutsche Filter/Dryer. The systems can be configured to perform convection drying, vacuum drying with solvent recovery and exhaust gas emission control. During drying in the blow through phase of filtration, the system recirculates compressed dry gas back into the filter resulting in minimum nitrogen consumption.

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