New and Improved Solids Transfer Test Center

At De Dietrich Process Systems, we are constantly looking for ways to further enhance our customer support. One of the most critical services a company can provide to support customers with solids handling needs is testing. When it comes to handling powders, testing is often a key part of selecting the right equipment. We have recently upgraded our testing equipment to expand our capabilities and provide even more data to our customers.

For a virtual tour of our material handling test center and capabilities watch this video:



Some of the upgrades we've made to our test center include:


Testing Platform for our Powder Pump System

        testing platform for Powder Pump 1      testing platform for powder pump 2


Filling Station to Accommodate Both Drums and Super Sacks

 Filing station


Rigid Transfer Line with Various Transfer Distances

   rigid transfer line 1  rigid transfer line 2  rigid transfer line 3


Pressure Transmitters to Monitor System Performance and Help Determine Optimum Running Conditions

 pressure transmitters


The capabilities gained from these upgrades (as well as others not mentioned) are mutually beneficial to us as well as our customers and allow us to provide a solution that everyone can be confident in.  And if you've ever been involved in an application concerning material transfer you know how important this is!

For more information download our Solids Transfer Testing Capabilities Flyer or contact us to discuss your material handling needs.  


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