Next Gen Chemical Batch Reactors Webinar

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Attend our upcoming webinar and learn how the new "optimized throughput" batch reactor technology can massively benefit productivity, quality and energy efficiency at production scale, especially within the fine and specialty chemical segments.  


Webinar Summary

Unlike most progressive industries, the chemical industry has relied on simple batch reactors and as such has not developed anything resembling lean production processes or competitive advantage. The technology currently being used to determine the primary production scale and output for most synthesis chemistry is still that of the mid-20th century. This lack of technological innovation ultimately determines throughput, quality and energy consumption, regardless of geographic manufacturing region.

Over the last 25+ years there has been significant time and energy expended on evaluating a more radical flow chemistry which promises much but comes with as many difficulties as it solves. These include inflexibility, new plant requirements, alternative process procedures and massive investments, to name a few.

There is, however, a more rational approach used by nearly every other manufacturing segment and that is to make the existing production process more productive, while retaining the basic infrastructure and process flow.

This webinar aims to show how changes in reactor system technology for current plant designs not only provides huge beneficial effects in overall chemistry batch production and quality but enables further down-stream beneficial thinking.


What will you learn?
Overturning long held assumptions on the capabilities possible with batch reactor production systems.


Who should attend this webinar?

Anyone who has an interest in learning about the substantial improvement to their chemistry output possible through technology changes from that of traditional batch reactors; without having to transition to radical process change such as Flow Chemistry.


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Join us Wednesday, March 20 at 11:00 AM ET

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