New Drum Dock Station

FLYER CSV DIT (1)-6-1De Dietrich Process Systems has added a new drum dock station to its solids handling product offering, equipped with the DIT solution for safe handling of powders

The Drum Iris Technology (DIT) dock station guarantees a high level of containment during the loading, unloading and transfer of powders.  

This innovative solution consists of an interface with two elastomer diaphragm valves. The docking principle is based on the successive opening and closing of the diaphragm valves which hold the drum and allow the operator to push it towards the flexible or rigid glove box. This system allows the contents to be accessed, while guaranteeing total leak-tightness. The station is also equipped with a stacker for lifting the drum and limiting the amount of manual effort. The stacker improves the workplace ergonomics, lowering the risk of operator injuries and optimizing the yield and production cycle times. The modularity of the drum dock station makes it possible for drums to be docked from below or from the rear, which makes it suitable for a wide range of configurations.

The DIT solution can be used with a Powder Pump or installed directly on a reactor, filter dryer or any other type of equipment. The station is available in several variants: with a single-chamber (OEB 5) or double-chamber (OEB 6) glove box for a higher level of containment and available in stainless steel (304 / 316) or Hastelloy, with a flexible glove box (OEB 4) in low density polyethylene or polyurethane. All variants are compatible with hazardous areas (Class I & II, Division 1 & 2) and can be equipped with integrated cleaning systems.

With the new De Dietrich Process Systems drum dock station equipped with the DIT solution, handling and transferring powders is easier and safer than ever before.  For more information and to download the product sheet visit our transfer solutions page.