New Reglass Brochure

reglass_brochure.pngDo you have an old vessel that needs repair?  Are you not in the market to buy a new reactor?  You might want to consider reglass, a service that transforms an worn or damaged vessel to like new quality.  For more information on this process and how it can work for your equipment, read our new brochure, Introductory Guide to Reglassing Services for Glass-Lined Equipment.  

This introductory guide will provide you with the fundamental information about reglassing, including:

  • A step-by-step guide to how reglassing is performed
  • Common reasons why reglassing is needed
  • Advantages of reglassing over purchasing a new vessel
  • Improvements and upgrades that can be made during reglassing
  • How DDPS can help complete your system
  • Answers to other frequently asked questions