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    The OptiSeal is a carbon-free mechanical seal that incorporates reliable vessel seal technology to meet stringent process requirements in today’s pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing environments.  The innovative seal technology helps users establish compliance with USP and BPE guidelines.  The standard design offers the following advantages:

    • No carbon dust contamination, eliminates process contamination from mechanical seal face wear. True dry-running design, balanced double cartridge seal, can be run with a barrier fluid.
    • GMP compliant
    • Minimal maintenance after installation
    • Cost Effective
    • CIP/SIP
    • Lowest possible consumption/leakage rate of nitrogen to process/atmosphere versus all other double seal technologies.

    OptiSeal Specifications

    • Pressures from full vacuum to 100 psig (6.8 Bar)
    • Temperature from -20°F (-28ºC) to 350°F (75ºC)
    • 0 to 1.0 SCFH/inch of shaft diameter leak rate is possible


    • FDA compliant materials
    • Sizes available for competitors' designs

    OptiSeal (formerly PCF Seal) Assembly and Disassembly Videos

    OptiSeal Assembly

    OptiSeal Assembly

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