The Benefits of Systemizing Glass-Lined Reactors

Engineered_System-1Through the strategic arrangement and organization of individual components, systems are built to help carry out a process in an efficient and time-saving manner.  The separate parts of the system each play a specific role in the process that, when combined, work together to accomplish an end goal, and often lead to cost savings as well.  We know this as systemization, and it involves a procedure being put in place in the interest of optimizing performance.  From the simplest to the most complex chemical processes, systemization offers numerous benefits to companies faced with various requirements and constraints.

Here at De Dietrich Process Systems, we design, engineer and construct stand-alone equipment and process systems to meet clients’ individual requirements, with the objective of doing so in the constraints of your budget without sacrificing equipment quality.  By offering systemization, we (along with other companies who provide similar products/services) can provide the most comprehensive technical solutions in the most streamlined way to maximize equipment life and productivity and to achieve the greatest possible return on capital investment.  Here are the benefits and features systemization enables:


In many cases, factory-built modular systems reduce overall project costs and time versus plants assembled in the field.  Complex equipment modules can be designed and built to fit space, budget, and time constraints and allow for faster installation and start-up.  Skid-mounted systems can be easily moved, facilitating future portability.  “Pre-packaged” systems are sometimes available which provide standard designs for fast-track projects.  Modularization capabilities can be incorporated in a wide range of multi-system designs at R&D/kilo-lab scale, for pilot plant systems, and in full production scale.


Quality Equipment Assurance

When projects require parts that are not in our product range, DDPS ensures high-quality, trusted equipment is selected to complement our own manufactured equipment.  After all the “pieces of the puzzle” are acquired, the entire system is pre-assembled in the US for quality assurance purposes.  After assembly in our facility, documented Factory Acceptance Tests with water batches are performed prior to shipment.  Combined with installation and start-up support, this minimizes the time between equipment arriving on site and starting production.  Complete user manuals are provided to customers, including drawings, spare parts lists and specifications.  Additional validation support (DQ/IQ) is also available upon request.


Superior Service

Along with the above-mentioned advantages provided through systemization, superior service is extended to match the integrity of the system.  The service provided with each system is maintained throughout the entire project and goes beyond installation and start-up management with life-cycle follow-up and maintenance visits, including long-term preventative maintenance services. 


Single-Source Accountability

When a complete system is built with all of the equipment, overheads and other peripherals supplied or outsourced by one company, the entire project lifecycle progresses more efficiently.  DDPS can provide overheads of glass, glass-lined steel, and other materials are available in a variety of arrangements, including condensers and columns; Solids handling equipment can be added for contained charging and transfer; Temperature Control Modules can be incorporated to deliver reliable temperature regulation; and our in-house automation and controls group can provide cost-effective, user-friendly control systems.  And what does single-source accountability mean?  In a nutshell, you have a one-stop-shop for your entire operation and can expect reduced time from project initiation to system start-up.


Systemization is a conceivable solution for a variety of unit operations, including reaction, filtration, distillation, Nitric acid concentration / Sulfuric acid concentration, plating chemical recovery, and waste recovery just to name a few.  Through modular construction, stringent equipment QA guidelines, exceptional customer service, and project ownership and responsibility, DDPS can take your engineered system’s project to the optimum level of productivity while maintaining feasibility.  For more information on our systemization capabilities watch the animation Optimizing the Glass-Lined Reactor or read our Optimizing the Glass-Lined Reactor eBook.



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