Top 4 Benefits of the Reactor Buyback Program

OptiMix retrofit1True “Win/Win” situations don’t come around every day, but when they do, they make everybody happy.  It can sound like a bit of a gimmick, but these circumstances do exist!  They occur when all participants involved mutually benefit from some type of exchange.

That’s just what the Reactor Buyback Program from De Dietrich Process Systems is all about.  In this post we’ll tell you about the program and how every player involved in the buyback process can benefit from this exchange.


What is the Reactor Buyback Program?

In a nutshell, you are looking to get rid of an unwanted vessel.  De Dietrich Process Systems will buy it from you (if it meets the program’s qualifications), then reglass the unit to like-new condition.  This gives us the capability to supply it to another customer as a fully warrantied vessel for less money and with a shorter lead time. For more details about this program and to see what type of vessels qualify click here.

The nature of this program enables multiple parties to benefit from the sale/purchase of a used/reconditioned vessel regardless of what side of the sale you are on.  Here are the top four benefits we’ve identified.


1. Earn Cash for an Unwanted Vessel

We’ve had a number of customers, and maybe even you yourself can relate, who for one reason or another end up with equipment they no longer want or need.  Maybe your company inherited a reactor system from a recent merger, or perhaps you are downsizing and shutting down an operation.  Or, you might have an old reactor that has been lying around dormant in your facility (a.k.a. graveyard vessel), unused but too much of a hassle to dispose of properly…whatever the reason may be, you have no use for the vessel. 

Getting rid of unwanted chemical process equipment is not a simple process, however.  It can be costly to get rid of large items that are cumbersome to handle, plus, if you are using glass-lined equipment to begin with, there’s a good chance that your vessel needs to be disposed of in a particular way for environmental safety purposes.    

The Reactor Buyback Program was set up for this purpose.  When there is a need for something that you don’t want (in this case, your reactor), it doesn’t need to be thrown out.  Let someone who wants your equipment (DDPS) save you the trouble of scrapping it.  Better yet, De Dietrich Process Systems is willing to pay you for your old reactor!  The program offers two payment options:

  1. Earn cash for your unwanted vessel
  2. Receive a DDPS credit and earn up to 40% more money for your vessel

Either way you look at it, it’s like you’re doing spring cleaning at your facility and getting paid for tidying up.


2. Decreased Cost and Improved Delivery Time

Steel is expensive and fabricating the steel is a laborious, costly process.  Having the shell of the vessel already fabricated saves us money from having to purchase the raw material; we also save on the time and labor involved in the manufacturing of the vessel base.  It includes construction and welding of the top and bottom heads to the inner shell as well as positioning and swaging of the top head nozzles.  Using an existing reactor body eliminates all of the above steps, significantly shortening production.  (If you want to know exactly why fabricating a new vessel takes so long, read our post on How Glass-Lined Vessels are Made). 

A pain point of our business is the price and delivery time of a new reactor.  The Reactor Buyback Program enables us to create an inventory of popular-sized reactors that are available for immediate shipping.  Furthermore, the cost-savings of using an existing steel body allows us to pass along the cost savings to our customers and provide reduced pricing along with faster delivery.


3. Minimized Downtime Helps Gets Your Products to Market Quicker

If you are on the purchasing end of the Reactor Buyback Program, you’ll benefit from the cost-savings and fast shipping perks that are not available with an order of a non-stocked vessel.  A reconditioned vessel can also help you get your operation up and producing faster, which means you’ll get your product to market quicker.  Or for a customer who is temporarily shut down, it will get you back up and running faster than buying a new unit.  For high value products, the time savings offered here can substantially increase your profitability.  In addition, if your company has a tight budget and capital expenditures are a challenge to have approved, a pre-certified vessel will give you a significant cost savings with all the reliability and features of a brand-new vessel. 


4. Eco-Friendly Solution for Disposing Your Equipment

The environment receives a huge victory each time a vessel is refurbished.  “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is vital to the health of our planet and the Reactor Buyback Program embraces this mantra and effectively keeps reusable material out of landfills and repurposes it for future use.  In a world where everyone is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, vessel refurbishment can play a key role in supporting your company’s mission to minimize waste.


By aligning the supply of unwanted equipment, the demand for in-stock vessels available for quick delivery, and the universal goal of creating more earth-friendly processes, De Dietrich Process Systems’ Reactor Buyback Program creates a “win/win” solution for disposing of, recycling, and supplying standard glass-lined reactors.  If you have a vessel that might be a candidate for the program.  Contact us by filling out the Reactor Buyback Inquiry Form online or call 908-318-4360 to speak with a buyback representative.


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