Reactor Body Buyback Program

SA_reactormaxh=165,maxw=100,h=650,w=392.jpgDid you know DDPS buys back used glass-lined reactor bodies?  Our buyback program offers a win/win solution for customers who have equipment that is no longer used or needed.

Selling your reactor body is not only an environmentally friendly way to confiscate your vessel, but it also offers a significant financial benefit.  And if you’re looking to purchase new equipment, trading in your old one can help to lower the cost.   

If you’re not in the market for reglassing and are looking to purchase new equipment, or if you simply have an unused reactor you are looking to get rid of, selling back your old unit is cost effective solution to consider.  To inquire if your reactor qualifies for the buyback program, fill out this form and in the comments field state the details of your inquiry, including the vessel type and size -  e.g. “Reactor Buyback Program, GL500”