Powder Transfer Solutions with the Powder Pump


From the stringent demands of high purity pharmaceutical applications to the bulk material handling requirements of the chemical industry, DDPS’ powder transfer solutions are designed to meet a wide range of process application requirements. Working in conjunction and integrated with a variety of material handling components, DDPS’ powder transfer solutions utilize our Powder Pump technology to increase the safety of your operation by preventing loss of product containment during solids conveying operations. The versatility of the Powder Pump, and the design options available to enhance its performance, makes it a viable solution for virtually any process that is a candidate for dense-phase transfer.

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  • Standard system sizes available to accommodate a wide range of transfer rates and volumes
  • Innovative filter design based on proven dust filter technology
  • Stainless steel, Hastelloy, or glass materials of construction
  • Versatile transfer capabilities (from multiple sources/locations)
  • Mobile units available


  • Ability to charge hazardous products safely
  • Improves cleanliness of plant and equipment through elimination of dust
  • Maximizes process efficiency with ability to charge to vessel under vacuum or pressure
  • Reduces equipment maintenance
  • Preserves product quality by eliminating cross contamination

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Powder Handling Testing and Services


De Dietrich Process Systems offers a wide range of product testing capabilities and services in support of our powder handling expertise. All powders behave differently, and a transfer test is often the best way to size the equipment and design the system to address issues that occur during testing. Various options such as transfer tests at our facility with your material, or rental systems for testing at your site allow us to provide you with confidence in our solution and ensure the system will perform to your expectations based on careful analysis of your product and process requirements.

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  • Full range of US-based preliminary testing packages including:
    • Powder flow analysis
    • In-house solids testing
    • Rental unit options
    • Engineering Studies
  • Controls & Automation
  • Validation
  • Installation supervision
  • Site Surveys for refurbishment & upgrades, maintenance & repair


  • Unique testing capabilities and observation with glass Powder Pump unit
  • Versatile testing set-up permits transfer from various source containers
  • Thorough analysis of product ensures best solution
  • Technical support from initial feasibility studies through installation and start-up
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