Powder Handling Equipment

Powder Flow Analysis


Certain circumstances, such as highly valuable products, prevent a customer from being able to send enough material to perform a typical in-house trial. Powder flow analysis is a testing option that can assess smaller samples of your product while still obtaining high-quality data. Using a Powder Flow Tester, DDPS can record various flow properties of materials. The data collected is then compared with historical data from our product testing database to help identify the best process solution for you. Powder flow analysis is performed for all products tested in-house, giving us the ability to make data-driven recommendations while giving you complete confidence in our proposed solution.


  • Thorough material analysis includes:
    • Bulk Density Measurement
    • Flow properties of material
    • Hopper design criteria
  • Comprehensive report provides data-driven solution recommendations


  • Small sample required (1 pint – 1 quart), ideal for high-value products
  • Expert review and assessment of materials
  • Affordable option for testing
  • Data collected helps to determine optimal hopper design
  • Quick and easy analysis

In-House Solids Testing


Testing the transfer capabilities of your powder is an essential step in qualifying a solution for your process. Our solids handling test center, located in our Charlotte, North Carolina facility, provides in-house testing and demonstrations for customers to witness product trials in-person (when possible). Here, we are able to imitate similar conditions to our clients’ real-world applications, utilizing a glass Powder Pump receiver to provide visibility into the process that no one else can offer. Doing this helps us identify any problems that could potentially occur during the discharge process and determine the best way to address them.


  • Several components are used to conduct a full system test:
    • Powder Pump System
    • PLC Control Panel
    • Bulk Bag/Super Sack Unloading Station
    • Bag Dump Station with integral dust collection
    • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


  • Glass Powder Pump provides visibility into your process
  • Real-world simulations give accurate data for your application
  • Customers gain a better understanding of technology and confidence in solution through witnessing trials in-person
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Affordable preliminary analysis

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Powder Handling Rental Equipment


Renting a Powder Pump system is another viable method for testing the transfer efficiency of your product in conjunction with our dense-phase conveying technology. This option is necessary for extremely hazardous or explosive materials that we would be unable to test at our facility due to their volatility. Renting a Powder Pump allows you to perform your own product tests at a pace that suits you, in the real world of your own production facility. Select sizes are stocked and available for you to put through rigorous tests (along with a vacuum pump rental if needed).


  • 3 sizes available (4”, 6” and 8”) to accommodate a range of transfer requirements
  • Rental includes all peripheral components needed to create a full system
  • PLC and Pneumatic control panel options provide complete automation of transfer process
  • DDPS technical support


  • Better understanding of equipment and functionality through first-hand use
  • Ability to test your product with exact site conditions
  • Proof of efficient transfer using your material increases confidence in solution
  • Quick delivery – often ready to ship same week of order
Powder Handling Equipment

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