Powder Handling Equipment

Conveying Solids from Bulk Bags


DDPS provides multiple bulk bag configurations to provide a fully customized solution for bulk bag emptying and solids transfer operations. The Powder Pump system can be used with a new or existing bulk bag unloader to ensure high-level product/dust containment. A customized discharge hopper, capable of facilitating your specific material’s flow into the transfer line is another featured component of the system. Through product testing and analysis, we review and address all application requirements, including bulk bag & outlet spout design, material conditioning requirements, solids flow promotion, solids : gas mixing ratio, batch weight control and empty bag dust evacuation & removal.


  • Flexible design solutions
  • Low overhead clearance options
  • Bag loading by integral hoist or fork-truck
  • Electric or pneumatic hoists
  • De-lumping and milling
  • Material conditioning & flow promotion
  • Fluidizing and conveying gas flow control
  • Batch weight and transfer rate monitoring and control


  • Eliminates hoisting bulk bags and emptying through open vessel manway, preventing:
    • Bag breakage / powder spill
    • Exposure to fugitive dust
    • Loss of vessel inertness
    • Product contamination
  • Frees Operator(s) for other tasks during conveying
  • Enables accurately metered & weighed product transfer

Conveying Solids from Small Bags


From simple solutions that integrate dust collectors into bag dump stations, to more complex systems that incorporate glove boxes, side entry ports and bag compactors, DDPS has the expertise to design a complete solution for small bag emptying and solids transfer operations. Vibration and fluidization gas flow controls, along with a specialized hopper on the bag dump station are designed specifically to adjust the solids/gas ratio in the conveying line, creating the ideal conditions to move your product. We review and address all other aspects of the transfer process including containment during bag feeding and emptying, material de-lumping or milling requirements and disposal of empty bags.


  • Filtered exhaust air system for Operator protection
  • Viewing port with gloves and lighting for sealed operation
  • Side-mounted entry door for contained bag feeding
  • Integral empty bag compactor for fugitive dust control
  • Solids flow assistance in discharge hopper
  • Optional materials of construction


  • Allows bags to remain on ground floor of plant
  • Reduces Operators’ Personal Protective Equipment requirements
  • Improves plant housekeeping and fugitive dust control
  • Pneumatic assist lifting arm and gravity conveyor reduce Operator lifting injuries

Conveying Solids from Drums


Depending on the level of containment required, material from drums can be transferred in a variety of ways with the Powder Pump system. A simple suction lance/wand attached to the end of a transfer hose provides the most basic arrangement, with more complex isolator type drum unloading stations available for operations that require higher levels of containment. DDPS can provide drum unloading solutions of various levels of sophistication based on transfer needs of your product. In addition to our standard solutions analysis, we also review and address drum sealing and containment prior to opening, managing secondary liner bags in drums, and contained removal of empty drums.

To learn more about conveying to / from drums, click here


  • Flexibility of design solutions.
    • Various drum diameters and materials of construction
    • Drums with or without secondary inner liner bags
  • Solids flow assistance from discharge hopper.
  • Optional materials of construction.


  • Eliminates drum lifting/emptying through manway, preventing:
    • Drums being dropped
    • Loss of vessel inertness
    • Product contamination
  • Frees Operator(s) for other tasks during conveying
  • Enables accurately metered & weighed product transfer
  • Reduces Operators’ need for PPE
  • Improves plant housekeeping
Powder Handling Equipment

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