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Depending on your transfer needs, DDPS offers two main types of solutions, with a  number of options to make the equipment customizable to fit your  specific needs:  .

Powder Pump - Ideal for batch or metered charging, larger quantities, continuous processes.

CSV - Contained Transfer System - Suited for small volumes, single use applications, lower cost/disposable containment.

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Powder Pump

Powder Pump Product Description

DDPS Powder Pump

The Powder Pump is designed to transfer a wide range of solids from one location to another in a safe, contained and efficient manner.  It does the job without opening manways, or exposing operating personnel to the product.  Simple in design, construction and operation, the Powder Pump is a multipurpose solution for transferring powder with a range of flow characteristics and particle sizes.

Powder Pump  Applications

The Powder Pump utilizes dense phase flow, an operating principle that has been proven on a wide range of solid types, including wet solids.  This technology makes the Powder Pump a versatile work horse for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as other industries with various solid handling needs.

Powder Pump Features

The Powder Pump's standard design includes the body, top head flange and filter assembly. This innovative filter design is based on proven dust filter technology.  Notable features of the filter assembly include:

valve_filter 2

     Filter cage:

  • Chamfered machined edge
  • Sits proud of filter mounting plate when assembled to ensure pressure sealing o-ring is compressed when assembled

     Filter sock:

  • Wire sewn into ring at top, forms a seal when assembled

     Filter mounting plate:

  • Machine Chamfered edge mates with equivalent chamfer on filter cage and sealed by filter sock
  • Pressure sealing o-rings on both top and bottom
  • Sandwiched between upper body flange and top head flange

All components are supplied from the US, enabling faster delivery.

Powder Pump Advantages


There are many health, safety and money-saving advantages of the Powder Pump:

  • Ability to have a closed system providing a dust free environment
  • The ability to charge with vessel under pressure or vacuum or with solvents already in the vessel
  • The ability to charge carcinogens, oxygen or skin sensitive and explosive powders safely. Suitable for transfer of raw, intermediate or finished products
  • Ideal for FDA services
  • Ability to charge while retaining an inert atmosphere, by keeping the vessel closed without opening the manway
  • Considerable reduction or elimination of operator exposure
  • Considerable reduction in the risk of explosion, caused by static electricity, due to low velocity, dense phase transfer
  • Improved well being of the operator and elimination of risk of operator back injury or exposure to nitrogen
  • All pneumatic design is reliable and ideal for explosion proof zones
  • Reduction in manpower required to charge the vessel
  • Improved agitation and thus reduced batch time, through controlled material addition
  • Elimination of exterior contaminants
  • Protection of the agitator and seal system from deflection or damage due to overcharging of solids during mixing
  • Elimination of the need to start the agitator in excess solids
  • Reduces solids handling and eliminates hoists and handling equipment over the reactor
  • Substantially reduces equipment maintenance
  • Permits easy scale-up from pilot to production plant
  • Ability to service several reactors with optional portable version
  • Much easier to clean than conventional vacuum conveying equipment. CIP available

Powder Pump Specifications

powder pump drawing
  • Sizes from 4" to 16" (outlet flange diameter)
  • Available in stainless steel, Hastelloy, and glass

Dimensional and utility data:

Powder Pump Dimensional and Utility Data
Transfer capacity is dependent upon a number of factors, including properties of the powder, transfer distance, and packaging of the powder to be transferred.  These values are representative of typical capacity but should not be used for actual sizing.  Please contact DDPS to discuss your specific application and determine the system that is appropriate.
Maximum transfer distance are typically 60-75 feet overall and 25 feet in the vertical direction.
This data is for the standard Powder Pump, other configurations are available. 
Transfer capacity will vary with product characteristics, transfer distance, bulk density, piping route, vacuum source, etc.


control panel 2

Choose from a variety of  accessories to maximize the performance of the Powder Pump for your process.

  • PLC Controls
  • WIP design
  • Bulk Discharge solutions - including suction hopper, big bag station, and bag emptying station
  • Powder Handling Systems – DDPS can design, construct and support a complete solution for your solids handling process.
  • Customization – customer wants can be incorporated into the Powder Pump design to create a unique system for your specific needs.
  • See our Powder Handling Services page for more information about seminars, demonstrations and rental information.

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CSV - Contained Transfer System

CSV Product Description


The CSV is a fully contained system for the safe and effective transfer of hazardous and toxic media. This unique solution eliminates the concerns associated with existing split valve and flexible containment technology. CSV is suitable for powders and solids, steriles, tablets and wet cake.

CSV Transfer Process

CSV Applications

The CSV is available in a range of sizes and can easily be adapted to most applications. Some sample applications include:

  • Reactor/Process Vessel Charging
  • Split Butterfly Valve Replacement
  • Dispensary/Isolator Discharge
  • High Shear Mixer Granulator Additions
  • Mill & Sieve Applications
  • IBC Additions (API & Lubricants etc)
  • Small Scale Handling Processes (Clinical & Stability Trial Batches)
  • Centrifuge Chutes
  • Tableting & Tablet Coating
  • Through Floor Feeders
  • Charge Bag & Bottle Applications
  • Tray Dryer Transfer
  • IBC Filling Head & Discharge Station

CSV Advantages

CSV charge bag
  • Very cost effective
  • User friendly
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No Flow Restriction - Full Bore
  • Achieves containment levels (<1μg/m3)
  • No site services required to achieve containment
  • Eliminates waste treatment of cleaning solutions
  • Light weight
  • Reduces manual handling issues
  • Maximum yield
  • Offers secondary containment
  • Short lead time
  • Compact suitable for all applications
  • Not possible to separate when partly open (unlike split valve technology)
  • Can be used as a Transfer Port - RTP
  • Bespoke designs possible - square & rectangle section

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