This Rosenmund Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer was built as a rental unit that is now available to own.  It has never been used and has had no product contact.    

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    General Data

    Year of Manufacture: 2015

    Equipment Weight, Empty: 1500 kg


    Electrical Classification Area

    Class I, Division 1, Group C&D



    Design Data

    Pressure Rating: 15 psig/FV

    Temperature Rating: -20 to 150ºC

    Total Volume: 100 Liters

    Working Volume: 50 Liters

    Heat Transfer Area: 1.2m²

    Material of Construction: 316L Stainless


    Drive and Agitator Data

    Nominal Speed of Agitator: 4-12 RPM


    Materials of Construction

    All Parts in Contact with Product or Liquid: 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel


    Surface Treatment


    Vessel Interior: Electro-polished to Ra < 0.4 µm (Grit 240

    Vessel Exterior: Ra < 3.0 µm (bead blast finish)


    Nozzle Schedule

    Service Size Type
    Charge 3" 150#
    Discharge  3" Custom
    Dust Filter 4" 150#
    Vapor Outlet 3" 150#
    N2 Blowback ½" 150#
    Dust Filter CIP ½" 150#
    Dust Filter Jacket Inlet ½" 150#
    Dust Filter Jacket Outlet ½" 150#
    Vapor Temperature ½" Custom
    Vessel CIP (2x) ½" 150#
    Vessel Sight Glass 4"


    Sample Valve



    Product Temperature


    Shell Jacket Inlet ½" 150#
    Shell Jacket Outlet ½" 150#
    Cover Jacket Inlet ½" 150#
    Cover Jacket Outlet ½" 150#
    Pressure Gauge 1" 150#
    Agitator Inlet ¾" NPT
    Outlet " NPT


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