Return Equipment Questionnaire

    Instructions for return of Pressure Vessels* for repair and/or alteration

    *(Reactors, Columns, Storage Tanks, Receivers, etc.)

    • Equipment such as manways, main covers, baffles, and agitators must be crated and not returned installed. All parts must be itemized on packing list.
    • In-service Pressure Vessels must be returned bare. Glass repairs such as plugs, nozzle liners, sleeves, and patches must be removed. Jacket connections must have all plugs and/or blinds removed. Accessories, such as split flanges, clamps, and bolting must be removed or will be discarded upon receipt.
    • In-service Pressure Vessels must be thoroughly cleaned and free of residual chemicals (including jacket chambers).
    • SDS sheets and this questionnaire, must be sent Duane Gustavus at prior to return of in-service pressure vessels.
    • In-service pressure vessels (for reglassing), must be returned opened for ventilation purposes.

    De Dietrich Process Systems, Inc. is devoted to the health and safety of our employees and shall comply with applicable OSHA “Right to Know” standards. The information requested below will help us achieve this objective, which we believe is in your best interest as well as ours.

    Any questions please contact Ozzie Freitas at 908-317-8854 or