RoLab Filter

RoLab Filter Product Description

RoLab Filter

The RoLab Filter is an easy to operate and highly portable nutsche filter designed for the filtration and drying of small pharmaceutical and chemical batches.  It is a manual solution for both laboratory and production environments that provides all the process functionality of the traditional Rosenmund filters at a fraction of the cost.

RoLab Filter Applications

Process functions include:

  • Filling
  • Filtration under pressure
  • Washing of the filter cake
  • Smoothing of the filter cake
  • Convective drying (nitrogen blow through) of the filter cake
  • Vacuum drying of the filter cake
  • Heating and cooling
  • Discharging of the filter cake
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RoLab Filter/Dryer System Profile

3 API Pilot-Production Plant


API Pilot/ Production Plant


Midwest USA

Description of Equipment

Two De Dietrich glass-lined steel reactors systems, 200 and 50 gallon capacity with:
  • QVF glass overheads and condensers
  • QVF glass columns with Dean/Stark trap
3 API Pilot-Production Plant rxtr controls

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