Halide Treatment

Process plants to handle highly corrosive halogens like chlorine, bromine, and iodine as well as their salts and acids. 

halide_treatmentHalogens like chlorine, bromine and iodine are extensively used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The natural sources are salts which are either mined or captured from seawater. The salts, the derived inorganic acids, and especially the elementary halogens are corrosive towards most materials of construction, with the exception of glass and glass lining.  QVF borosilicate glass and De Dietrich glass-lined equipment are ideal to handle these products. DDPS has developed proprietary solutions to process these highly corrosive halogens and their acids. 

De Dietrich Process Systems provides clean, modern, and energy efficient plants to safely process halogens without contaminating the environment.  Our capabilities expand across the globe, designing and engineering plants for the following processes:

HCl Treatment

Bromine Processes

  • Bromine recovery and production from brines and process effluents
  • Debromination of brines and process feeds stream
  • Absorption of HBr, Br2
  • Recovery and concentration of HBr



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