Manual Nutsche Filters

Manual nutsche filters allow for simple and effective liquid/solid separation solids in a single portable device, minimizing product contamination and exposure. The three models available, varying by material of construction, include:

ROMAN Filter

QVF Glass Nutsche Filter

Glass-Lined Steel Nutsche Filter

ROMAN Filter

ROMAN Filter Product Description

ROMAN Filter

The ROMAN Filter is a simple, manually operated nutsche filter with the  pedigree you know and expect from the Rosenmund brand name. It is  quality process equipment with the same attention to detail, but in the simplest form demanded by your operational needs and budget.

ROMAN Filter Applications

The ROMAN is designed for quick turnaround between campaigns, with its key focus on cleaning and filter media change-out.

ROMAN Filter Features

Whether at full vacuum, high pressure or both, the filter plate is designed to withstand pressure above the filter plate and full vacuum below, thus allowing a greater differential.  The dual flange design (positioned top and bottom) allows quick and complete access for visual and physical inspection, (i.e. swab inspection). Additionally, the ROMAN Filter has a unique cart assembly used for both lowering the filter plate and moving the filter from location to location.

ROMAN Filter Advantages

  • Mobile - only one cart assembly is needed for all ROMAN Filter sizes, minimizing required storage.
  • Easy inspection
  • Pharmaceutical design - it is completely suitable for CIP and WIP with no crevices or product hold-up areas.

ROMAN Filter Specifications

  • Volumes from 30 to 225 liters
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 90 psig (6 bar)
  • All metal surfaces are of a high polish finish - 10 to 20 Ra internal, 20 to 30 Ra external

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QVF Glass Nutsche Filter

Glass Nutsche Applications

QVF Glass Nutsche Filter

The  glass nutsche facilitates a variety of batch vacuum filtration requirements as often encountered in kilo lab operation, chemical product development and pharmaceutical intermediate manufacturing.

Glass Nutsche Features

The arrangement for the glass nutsche includes the following components:

  • QVF Borosilicate glass filter body
  • QVF  Borosilicate glass reactor cover with nozzles for agitation, vent valve  and feed dip pipe
  • QVF Borosilicate glass bottom cover with  drain / vacuum outlet
  • Virgin PTFE filter support plate
  • QVF  agitation system
  • Manual vessel lifting/lowering/swivel for  access to cake and filter media
  • Support structure constructed  in stainless steel pipe and PTFE-coated Kee-Klamps

Glass Nutsche Advantages

All  process wetted parts are non-metallic, such as borosilicate glass and  PTFE, thereby providing superior corrosion resistance, product purity and process visibility.

Glass Nutsche Specifications

  • Pressures from full vacuum to 14.5 psig (1.0 bar g)
  • Temperatures from -4°F (-20ºC) to 250°F (120ºC)
  • Glass Filter Body Volume: 20 liters (5.3 Gallons)
  • Agitator Motor: XP, 230/460V, 1/2 Hp, 1200 rpm
  • Gear Reducer: 0 –100 RPM, Manual

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Glass-Lined Nutsche Filter

Glass-Lined Nutsche Filter Product Description

Glass-Lined Nutsche Filter

The  DDPS Nutsche filter offers faster and more efficient operation than  an  open vessel because it can be operated under pressure or vacuum.

Glass-Lined Nutsche Filter Applications

Typical applications for the Nutsche filter include processing pharmaceuticals, high-purity organic chemicals, dyes and precious metals.

Glass-Lined Nutsche Filter Features

The  Nutsche filter is glass lined for an easy to clean, anti-corrosive finish. The top head is clamped-on and completely removable for full access. A heavy-duty davit swings the cover away with no lifting or hoisting required. The body section is clamped to the bottom head with a flanged joint to hold the filter media securely in place. The bottom section with support plate can be lowered for easy changing of filter media. Heavy-duty lifting lugs are standard. A stainless steel retaining cable holds all vessel clamps in place so they can't be dropped or fall into the vessel when loosened. Clamps and nuts are zinc-chromate treated, and protected with elastomeric clamp nut covers to resist atmospheric corrosion.

Glass-Lined Nutsche Filter Advantages

The closed vessel design protects personnel and equipment from uncontrolled vapor emissions as well as protecting the batch from accidental contamination.

Glass-Lined Nutsche Filter Specifications

  • Pressures from full vacuum to 100 psig (6.6 bar)


  • A hydraulic or pneumatic mechanism for lifting the clamped top head or body section
  • Vessel top closed-welded with a large clamped manway access
  • Casters for portability of bottom section, or of entire vessel
  • Vessel jacket for efficient heating/cooling of filtrate
  • Open vacuum filters
  • Stainless steel clamps

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