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DDPS has extended the range of the OptiMix reactor to provide improved heat transfer and reduced processing times.

This new design circulates the thermal fluid contained in the half-coil through the baffles.  This results in an increased heat transfer area up to 25% enabling more homogeneity, faster thermal management and shortened cycle times.

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OptiMix Product Description

OptiMix HE

OptiMix is a patented reactor design that optimizes the mixing performance of glass-lined reactors by integrating three baffles on the vessel wall.

OptiMix Features

OptiMix reactors are lined with 3009 glass for superior corrosion resistance.  All clamped-top/CTJ OptiMix reactors come standard equipped with a pitched-blade turbine; closed-welded/GL OptiMix reactors include a GlasLock agitator with adjustable blades.  A fixed speed drive is vertically mounted to keep nozzles and accessories unobstructed for operational use.  OptiMix  baffles are also available in QVF Borosilicate Glass reactor designs.

OptiMix Advantages

QVF OptiMix

This innovative technology offers the following advantages:

  • Improved CIP efficiency by eliminating the difficult to clean top head pocket at the baffle/nozzle interface.
  • Vortexing and splashing are significantly reduced, resulting in less product drying and sticking to  the heated wall above the liquid surface.
  • Design enhances heat transfer, solids suspension and distribution, gas dispersion, gas flow rates, and mass transfer through improved mixing.
  • Eliminates the need for top entry baffles, freeing up an additional nozzle for process use 
  • The symmetrical baffling of the OptiMix reactor reduces shaft deflection and extends seal life by minimizing the bending loads that are imposed on the agitator shaft.

OptiMix Specifications

  • Volumes from 30 to 2,000 gallons (clamped-top/CTJ series)  
  • Volumes from 300 gallons (closed-welded/GL series)
  • Pressures from full vacuum to 90/150 psig (6/10 bar)
  • Temperatures from -20°F (-30ºC) to 500°F (260ºC)

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