Reactor Internal Components and MOC Advantages

In most reactions a mixing system is required to blend the different reaction components, ensure proper heat transfer for the reaction (either heating up or cooling down), or to help suspend solids (or pull them off the surface) in multi-phase operations.

  • Glass-lined agitators are available in both one-piece and separable blade configurations, with blade designs engineered for different process requirements.
  • A variety of stirrers made of glass, PTFE, or stainless steel construction complement the reaction environment within the glass vessel. The type of agitator selected will depend on the process objectives, including suspension, heat transfer, dispersion, etc.
  • VERI reactors are typically offered with a glass-lined steel agitation system. The glass cover offers the benefit of observing the mixing and reaction taking place during production.
  • Baffles can either be integral to the wall or installed through a nozzle. Baffles often contain the temperature sensor to monitor the process and control the batch.
  • Multiple options exist for automating and monitoring the process, containing the process throughout the operation, and improving ergonomics and safety of the operators.

Advantages of Glass-Lined Construction

The composite metal/glass material of construction provides the best of both worlds of each of the primary components. The external steel construction provides strength while the internal glass lining gives nearly universal corrosion protection and a smooth non-contaminating surface. The result of this is:

  • corrosion resistance to both acids and bases
  • high operating temperatures and pressures
  • ability to add or remove heat to the batch

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Advantages of Glass Construction

While the all glass design lacks the strength provided by external steel construction, the borosilicate glass 3.3 reactors provide the same superior corrosion resistance as our glass-lined vessels with the additional benefit of process visibility. This feature makes the QVF series a popular choice in research and development as well as kilo plant production applications throughout the chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Advantages of Glass/Glass-Lined Construction

The VERI reactor provides the best of both worlds - the body of the reactor in strong, corrosion resistant glass-lined steel with a glass cover, featuring the same corrosion resistance but additional visibility. Our combination reactor model is widely used in pilot plant units due to its robust design.

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