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Knowledge Base


PDFDDPS Capability Brochure (4.5 MB)



PDF3009 Glass Brochure (1.45 MB)
PDFGlass-Lined Vessel Brochure (789 kb)

 Introductory Guide to Glass-Lined Steel Equipment


Reactors, Clamped-Top CTJ Series

PDFCTJ series reactors (416 kb)
PDFCTJ5 (441 kb)
PDFCTJ10 (452 kb)
PDFCTJ20 pitch blade turbine (303 kb)
PDFCTJ20 retreat curve impeller (461 kb)
PDFCTJ30 pitch blade turbine (436 kb)
PDFCTJ30 retreat curve impeller (471 kb)
PDFCTJ50 pitch blade turbine (314 kb)
PDFCTJ50 retreat curve impeller (473 kb)
PDFCTJ100 pitch blade turbine (348 kb)
PDFCTJ100 retreat curve impeller (376 kb)
PDFCTJ200 (447 kb)
PDFCTJ300 (227 kb)
PDFCTJ-48-500 (324 kb)
PDFCTJ-54-500 (224 kb)
PDFCTJ-60-500 (235 kb)
PDFCTJ750 (226 kb)
PDFCTJ1000 (215 kb)
PDFCTJ2000 (319 kb)


Reactors, Closed Welded GL Series

PDFClosed Welded GL Reactors  (265 kb)
PDFGL300 (423 kb)
PDFGL500 (414 kb)
PDFGL750 (719 kb)
PDFGL1000 (633 kb)
PDFGL1500 (561 kb)
PDFGL2000 (485 kb)
PDFGL3000 (444 kb)
PDFGL4000 (420 kb)
PDFGL5000 (312 kb)
PDFGL6000 (20 kb)
PDFGL8000 (204 kb)
PDFGL10000 (204 kb)


Reactors, Closed Welded SA Series

PDFClosed Welded SA Reactors (282 kb)
PDFSA300 (327 kb)
PDFSA500 (327 kb)
PDFSA750 (327 kb)
PDFSA1000 (332 kb)
PDFSA1500 (206 kb)
PDFSA2000 (182 kb)
PDFSA3000 (175 kb)
PDFSA4000 (286 kb)
PDFSA5000 (175 kb)
PDFSA6000 (286 kb)
PDFSA8000 (172 kb)
PDFSA10000 (267 kb)


Reactors, OptiMix

PDFOptiMix Reactors (214 kb)
PDFOptiMix CTJ20 (440 kb)
PDFOptiMix CTJ30 (481 kb)
PDFOptiMix CTJ50 (455 kb)
PDFOptiMix CTJ100 (497 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL300 (342 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL500 (332 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL750 (338 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL1000 (331 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL1500 (327 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL2000 (325 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL3000 (329 kb)
PDFOptiMix GL4000 (329 kb)

 Optimizing the Glass-Lined Reactor eBook Download

Reactors, Glass Q Series

PDFQVF Standard Reactor Series (296 kb)
PDFQVF Standard Reactor 30 liter (205 kb)
PDFQVF Standard Reactor 50 liter (222 kb)
PDFQVF Standard Reactor 100 liter (132 kb)


QVF Reactor System

PDFQVF Universal Reactor (2.8 MB)


Reactors, Glass-lined with Glass head VERI Series

PDFVERI Reactors (282 kb)


Reactors, Lab

PDFLaboratory Reactors (289 kb)

Reactors, Accessories and Instrumentation

PDFDDPS Gasket Portfolio (282 kb)
PDFQuick View Port GL (217 kb)
PDFFlexlight Bundle (216 kb)
PDFClean Valve (231 kb)
PDFStainless Steel/Specialty Alloy Clean Valve (191 kb)
PDFGlass-lined valves (354 kb)
PDFLimit Switch for Bottom Outlet Valves (279kb)
PDFEasy Bottom Outlet Flange (228 kb)
PDFManway Covers & Accessories (760 kb)
PDFHemiCoil Jacketed (296 kb)
PDFCombination Dip Pipe Baffle (610 kb)
PDFSpark Testers (202 kb)
PDFGlassWatch (177 kb)
PDFTemperature Measuring Probes (383 kb)
PDFSafety Clamp (139 kb)
PDFpH Probes (139 kb)
PDF iconDosing Cart (322 kb)
PDF iconVacuum Cart (318 kb)


Storage Tanks

PDFGlass-lined Storage tanks (1 MB)


Distillation and Extraction


PDF icon Process Solutions for Mass and Thermal Separation (1.27 MB)
PDFGlass-Lined Steel Columns (260 kb)
PDFCore Tray Column Internals (533 kb)
PDFDuraPack Brochure (792 kb)
PDF iconColumn Internals Questionnaire (255 kb)
moz-screenshot-125.pngExtraction Systems General Questionnaire
moz-screenshot-125.pngProcess Systems General Questionnaire


Column Internals Questionnaire



PDFMechanical Separation & Drying (1.11 MB)
PDFGlass-Lined Nutsche Filters (296 kb)
PDFGlass Nutsche Filter (578 kb)
PDFQVF Glass Nutsche Product Profile (123.83 kb)
PDFRoLab Filter (274 kb)
PDFRoLab Filter 0.03m2 (405 kb)
PDFRoLab Filter 0.06m2 (308 kb)
PDFRoLab Filter 0.1m2 (453 kb)
PDFRoLab Filter 0.2m2 (390 kb)
PDFRoLab Filter 0.3m2 (472 kb)
PDFRoLab Filter 0.4m2 (475 kb)
PDFROMAN Filter (1.4 MB)
PDFROMAN Filter 12-30L (557 kb)
PDFROMAN Filter 18-70L (566 kb)
PDFROMAN Filter 24-125L (588 kb)
PDFROMAN Filter 32-225L (387 kb)
PDFPocket Filter (2.5 MB)

Powder Handling

PDFPowder Handling Solutions eBrochure  (1.62 MB)
PDFPowder Handling Solutions Portfolio - Bulk Bag to Mixing Vessel (307 kb)
PDFSolids Transfer Testing Capabilities (372 kb)


Powder Pump data sheet banner
PDFPowder Pump Questionnaire e-Form (224 kb)
PDFPowder Pump Data Sheet (630 kb)
PDFPowder Pump Standard Sock Filter (272 kb)
PDFPowder Pump Pharma Sock Filter (148 kb)
PDFCSV - Contained Transfer System (259 kb)
PDF iconPowder Handling Case Study - Contained Drum Unloading (450 kb)
PDF iconPowder Handling Case Study - The Powder Pump Keeps Operators Safe (438 kb)
PDFPowder Handling Case Study - Robinson Brothers Limited (233 kb)



PDFGlasLock Agitators (580 kb)
PDFAgitation (Europe) (1.10 MB)
PDFOptiSeal (224 kb)
PDFOptiSeal - Clean seal technology bulletin (1.4 MB)
PDFOptiFoil Agitator Blades (428 kb)
PDFBeaverTail Baffle (180 kb)
PDFCombination Dip Pipe Baffle (610 kb)
PDFSeries 60 Agitator Drives (563 kb)



Heat Transfer

PDFModel HEC coil heat exchanger (331 kb)
PDFDouble Tube Plates (516 kb)
PDFModel RBW Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger (200 kb)
PDFCore-Therm heat exchanger (450 kb)
PDFModel D heat exchanger (551 kb) 
moz-screenshot-125.pngQVF Coil Type Heat Exchangers (2.6 MB)



PDFMechanical Separation & Drying (1.1 MB)
PDFSpherical Dryer Brochure (6.2 MB)
PDFSR Series Dryer Blender (260 kb)
PDFSR-Series Specification sheet (313 kb)
PDFHLE Paddle Dryer (485 kb)


Indirect Dryer White Paper Download


PDFSampling General Brochure (13.1 MB)
PDFInline Samplers (294 kb)
PDFSurface Mounted Samplers (27 kb)
PDFVessel Mounted Samplers (324 kb)


Pipes, Valves and Fittings

PDFValves Brochure (Europe) (888 kb)
PDFClean Valve (231 kb)
PDFStainless Steel/Specialty Alloy Clean Valve (191 kb)
PDFGlass-lined valves (354 kb)
PDFLimit Switch for Bottom Outlet Valves (279kb)
PDFGlass-Lined Piping Brochure (5.6 MB)


QVF Supra Line

PDFThe World of QVF Supra Line (14 Mb)

PDF Technical Information - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (1.5 Mb)
PDFPipeline Components - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (2.3 Mb)
PDFValves - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (2.7 Mb)
PDFVessels & Stirrers - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (2.5 Mb)
PDFHeat Exchanger - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (2.3 Mb)
PDFColumn Components - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (14 Mb)
PDFStirrers - The World of QVF Supra Line (1.5Mb)
PDFMeasurement & Control - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (1.7 Mb)
PDFCouplings (431 kb)
PDFStructures & Supports - The World of QVF SUPRA-Line (1.5 Mb)
 moz-screenshot-125P-Series (Plastic)_SUPRA-Line Catalog (1.2MB)


Engineered Systems

PDFEngineered Systems Brochure (445 kb)
PDFSystems Brochure (Europe) (2.4 MB)
PDFQVF Universal Reactor (2.8 MB)



Product Profiles

PDFProduct Profile 100 Liter QVF Glass Distillation System (233 kb)
PDFQVF Dual Stage Distillation System (293 kb)
PDFQVF Miniplant 4 Liter Reaction System with Mixer-Settler  (244 kb)
PDFQVF Vacuum Evaporator System Ammonium Sulfate Evaporator Concentrator (225 kb)
PDFVacuum Evaporator System (202 kb)

Vacuum Systems

PDFApovac Brochure (612 kb)


PDFDDPS Field Service (256 kb)
PDFReStor Jacket Cleaning Services (314 kb)

 Glass-Lined Steel Inspection eGuide

Refurbishments and Upgrades

PDFGear-Up Drive Upgrade (478 kb)
PDFUpgrades for Side Discharge Filters (1 MB)
PDF Valve Upgrades and Refurbishment (442 kb)



PDFReglassing  (311 kb)
PDFDDPS Returned Equipment Questionnaire eForm (364 kb)

Spare and Replacement Parts

PDFDDPS Aftermarket (1.3 MB)


White Papers

Maintenance and Repair of Glass-Lined Equipment White Paper

PDFFundamentals of Evaporation and Evaporators for Plating Bath and Rinse Water Recovery in the Surface Finishing Industry (155 kb)

Case Studies

PDFOptiMix Case Study - Pharmaceutical Online - Fall edition 2009 (461 kb)
PDFJacketed Lab Reactors Case Study - Pharma Jan-Feb 2010 (978 kb)
PDF iconColumns case study (230 kb)
PDFClean Valve Case Study (208 kb)
PDFClean Valve Case Study2 (292 kb)
PDFOptiMix Case Study (182 kb)
PDFOptiMix Case Study2 (181 kb)
PDFCIP Systems Case Study (152 kb)
PDFPilot Plant Overhaul Case Study (1.1 MB)
PDFR&D Pilot Plant Upgrade (911 kb)
PDFRotadest Case Study (362 kb)
PDFVessel Sampling in a Chemical Pilot Plant Case Study (179 kb)
PDFAgrochemical Expansion Project - Sampling Case Study (158 kb)
PDFOilfield Chemicals Producer Sampling Case Study (167 kb)
PDFPowder Handling Case Study 0214 (333 Kb)
PDFPowder Handling Case Study 0314 (193 Kb)
PDFPowder Handling Case Study 1213-1 (139Kb)
PDFPowder Handling Case Study 1213 (129 Kb)
PDFPowder Handling Case Study - Robinson Brothers Limited (233 kb)


PDFReturned Equipment Questionnaire eForm (364 kb)
PDFHeat Transfer Simulation Questionnaire eForm (192 kb)
PDFHeat Transfer Module Questionnaire eForm (178 kb)
PDFHeat Exchanger Questionnaire eForm (220 kb)
PDFControl Systems Questionnaire eForm (175 kb)
PDFAgitation Simulation Questionnaire eForm (540 kb)
PDFPowder Pump Questionnaire eForm (721 kb)
PDFEvaporator Questionnaire eForm (266 kb)
PDFReactor_System_Questionnaire (176 kb) 
PDF iconColumn Internals Questionnaire (255 kb)
PDF iconReactor Overheads Questionnaire (314 kb)